I work with teachers, staff and principals/administrators to increase individual capacity and collective capacity for partnership in learning, growth and innovation.


It's about two things -- connectedness and conditions --conditions for interactions and for power.  


I am a strengths-based coach and consultant, an award-winning educator and a local, regional and nationwide community and capacity builder.


I believe every student, parent/family member, teacher, staff member and administrator has the capacity to learn, grow and excel.


The really cool thing is that we can design to build capacity, health and well-being and fulfilled potential.

I believe everything we seek for our kids and communities is within us -- individually and collectively. Through relationships and partnerships that form within your staff, families and community during PD & consulting experiences with me (and continue far beyond)--your staff will experience an 'agency shift' and fresh perspectives on 'assets' around them resulting in expansive new classroom learning opportunities for kids and problem-solving, creation done from the inside out! When kids are surrounded by a loving, connected and empowered community, their well-being and happiness are maximized and they are able to BE KIDS.

PD Offerings

Capacity Series





🔥Families & Staff Energized Culture🔥

New classroom approaches to building partnerships with families and community.

Immersion, dialogue, examples, walk away ready to try new ways of engaging and empowering families and community -- and students!


Capacity Series



🔥...for student interactivity, depth & positive class culture! 



New approaches to Blended Learning methods & practices, art and science that will bring depth, excitement and AGENCY to your teaching  and to your students.

Immersion, dialogue, walk away ready to rumble with 3 top tools and processes as well as HOW TO use them to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS, interactivity, critical thinking and dialogue between the kids. Not a 'survey' of all the tools. Key levers.

Capacity Series 


🔥Teachers Energized Culture🔥


Walk the Talk! 

BE the Instructional Leader you've envisioned.

New approaches to Staff Meetings, PD, walkthroughs that build community, practices, and collective efficacy!


Immersion, dialogue, walk out with actionable plans & network for growth.

Strategies that work.

Agile Processes applicable beyond.

Teacher immersion your practices will translate to cross pollination into classroom.

FSC Capacity Series



7-person School-based Family Engagement Teams

Wonder why innovation work doesn't stick and blossom? It's about 2 things: 1) connections between the adults and 2) conditions, especially in regards to power.  ParentCamp is the 6 process conditions from the Dual Capacity-Building Framework baked inside. Unwrap. Experience the JOY!

REBRANDING the lived experience of FSC Engagement

One day training with 7 other school teams. Immersion, dialogue, walk away 80% planned, LAUNCHED!


Capacity Series




Consulting for


🔥To Build Maximum Capacity🔥

Immersion, dialogue, examples

Conditions, ParentCamp, Home Visits, Academic Parent Teacher Teams.

Custom Coaching, Strategic Consulting in multiple settings, 1:1, small & large group.

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