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ParentCamp: Where family, school and community gather together for kids!

It's time to detach from the isolating, limited and often-stressful experiences of our family engagement past and commit to innovating family-school-community engagement design that allows kids and adults to connect, strengthen, collaborate and THRIVE!

Because experience is the best teacher and because we want every school community to feel comfortable and safe enough enough to explore new approaches in family engagement, ParentCamp is organizing and holding weekly #VirtualParentCamps for anyone to stop by try on for size, to see what it looks and feels like firsthand. By "Walking the Talk" every week, ParentCamp leads by example and leads WITH you as practitioners. We hope to build trust and show you how much we believe in this method -- and in YOU.

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A #VirtualParentCamp experience is organized and made possible by Parentcamp every Wednesday night 8pm ET/ 7pm CT.

Painting a Picture of Virtual ParentCamp via April 8

BIG GRATITUDE shoutout to the outstanding parents, educators and community members you see tagged on the image below who are ALL-IN to FACILITATE dialogue and connection in this 3rd week ! Many THANKS for your willingness to shepherd the dialogue and relationships.

On a personal note, I'm honored to co-facilitate a Virtual ParentCamp session this week with Jim Sporleder, a national Trauma-informed Schools Trainer and so much more. I met Jim and found great inspiration and hope in his work/message in at a Bridging to Resilience conference ESSDACK. Jim and I are facilitating dialogue in a session topic that was requested by many of the 40 people at last week's #virtualparentcamp. The topic is resilience in this time of re-shifted roles and locations, with kids in mind.

At Virtual Parentcamp you can visit one room or multiple rooms, and you can do so whenever you want. Your time at ParentCamp is about you -- as a learner, connector, leader for your kids and community. Your Autonomy, Choice and Voice are acknowledged and honored.

You'll find 5 sessions choices on April 8, including one in all-Spanish. More language options on the horizon because our ParentCamp crew last week liked the all-Spanish room (a lot) and let me tell you, they have ideas, networks and resources to expand it! Stay tuned.

ParentCamp's mission is to inspire, support, and walk the talk so every school community becomes agile in designing for effective family-school-community partnerships and #collectiveefficacy. This can be reality and in this reality students will THRIVE.

Virtual ParentCamp April 8, 2020

Duly Noted

Dear Families, Teachers, Principals, Community members & Orgs -- we'd enjoy your presence and partnership at ParentCamp (Facebook page) and at our website

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Thank you for your support and encouragement now and in the future!

Blessings to you and to your families, schools and communities. 🎈


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