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Passionate Coaching Professional

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  • I learned, designed and laughed with about 2,000 phenomenal students and beautiful, lovely souls over the course of my 20 years as A TEACHER.

  • Each of my students has a forever home in my heart.

  • Missouri State Teacher of the Year Finalist in 2014 and member of NNSTOY.  Next, I spent 3 beautiful years coaching and learning with amazing secondary teachers.

  • In 2018, I embarked on a new adventure as an entrepreneur doing the work I love -- coaching and consulting with teachers, staff, administrators and school districts in Blended Learning and Blended Leadership. And families!

  • As Vice-President of ParentCamp, I believe in this with my whole being:  "Everything we need to create a beautiful future for our kids and communities is already within us." Get in touch to learn more about what I do and how I do it. 


Helping teachers, schools, districts and communities become agile designing with partnership conditions so they can experience joyful synergy and create a positive reality for their community from the inside out. The goal is transformation through the Ultimate in Collective Efficacy -- Family-School-Community Collective Efficacy.


A Lived Experience where

1) Teachers THRIVE. 

2) Schools are the HAPPIEST places

     on earth.

3) The adults in Family, School and Community are connected to each

 other, forming a protective and nourishing network for kids wherever they turn, full of opportunities, love, resources and support.


"For Students to Thrive, I believe Teachers Must Thrive" ~Laura Gilchrist


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