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Testimonials: Testimonials
Nicole S

"Thank you for seeing me. Thank you for seeing the things that I do that aren't always recorded in an observation. Thank you for seeing my heart and the reasons I teach. Sometimes I can get overwhelmed and discouraged with the stuff that happens outside my four classroom walls, but when we talk I get to focus on my four walls, my kids, and what we are doing. I appreciate your enthusiasm in what I do so much. Our discussions were about the amazing things that I tend to overlook when other things happen. Thank you for seeing me and thank you for helping me see me."

Nicole S, Science Chair, PLTW, Missouri

Lauren G, 8th Grade ELA Teacher, Middle School

"You are one of the most positive and energetic individuals I have ever met. You have really inspired me to bring the same positivity and energy to my classroom. I have been so excited to try these new resources out in my classroom. This has been an amazing experience and a lot of that is because of your radiating passion for blended learning, and just learning in general. I wouldn't have had the same experience if someone else was leading this. Thank you so much for caring about us as individuals and educators. Also, thank you for being an advocate for blended learning, this is where education NEEDS to be headed. You rock!"

Lauren G, 8th grade ELA, Missouri

Jeff C, AP History, Scholar Bowl, Missouri

"Thanks for working with us, I appreciate your enthusiasm and positivity. You made the experience about our needs and our learning. This was one of the best professional developments I have participated in. The tools you have shared with us have transformed my classroom, and will make me a far more effective teacher. Thanks for everything!"

Jeff C, AP History, Scholar Bowl, Missouri

marta s.jpeg

"Laura Gilchrist made the Blended Learning cohort an amazing experience. The resources were user friendly and she gave us time to play with the new resources and to grow as a group. Laura Gilchrist is truly a TEACHER CHEERLEADER!!!"

Marta S, Middle School Social Studies, MO

Doug Snider.jpeg

"I thought you were crazy in the beginning, but then I realized that you are very passionate about your job! Thank you for making me a better teacher and the importance of how to improve education for 21st century learners! GO CHIEFS!

Doug S, Middle School Social Studies, MO


"Thank you so much for being supportive! I have enjoyed having you in my class and have looked forward to your visits and feedback! You have been someone that I could trust, and you have made me feel like what I do is good--and I have not always felt that way. This PD has been a breath of fresh air for me because it has helped me to stretch myself as a learner and as an educator, and that feels great! Because of the trust we have, I have felt completely at ease taking risks that I never would have predicted I would take, and I can't thank you enough for that! I really hope that we can stay in touch and that you will come and visit my class again."

Stefanie L, Middle School ELA, MO

Misty Burright photo.png

"I appreciate the positive, risk-taking culture you facilitated for us as adult learners. Because of this we were easily able to pose questions and learn from each other. This was a wonderful coaching cycle that will forever change my teaching and perception of technology integration."

Misty B, Art, NBCT, Middle School, MO

andy mceachron photo.jpg

"I enjoyed this professional development more than any in my five years of teaching so far. You are incredibly kind and positive and have provided me with so much information and resources to use in my classroom. I truly believe that I can be a better educator with the knowledge I gained from your workshops and for that I am extremely grateful. Thank you for everything!"

Andy M, Art, High School, MO

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