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Image by Laura Gilchrist


"Effective Family-School-Community Partnerships" is trending with pioneer administrators, educators and districts (as well as families) as the key to the biggest capacity-building in your ecosystem, meaning all adults and kids are happy, healthy and supported so they can LEARN and CREATE!

It's about actively jumping onto the path to effective family-school-community partnerships and the Ultimate in Collective Efficacy -- Family School-Community Collective Efficacy, with a plan and consulting to guide your RUN!

My Coaching & Consulting Services:

1) Family-School-Community Partnerships PD: Practices, processes and tools to build relational trust and relationships for teacher, principals and district.

2) FSC school or district level consulting for 1-5 year plan designing with the organizational conditions that will yield effective FSC Partnerships across your entire district and community. Build enormous capacity in your ecosystem with this option.

3) ParentCamp planning, support in a variety of options. ParentCamps are relational trust 'factories.' Relational Trust is the currency of Partnership. When the goal is Effective Family-School-Community Partnerships, ParentCamps are a design ally.

Contact Laura to talk about YOUR VISION and play with customized PD and Consulting options to make it reality. (And land open spots on her calendar)

Family-School-Community Partnerships: Services
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