You are the Heroes of your own School Transformation Story

I believe with 100% conviction that everything needed to create happy, healthy and strong kids with opportunity-rich futures is already within -- within your community 'circle' of you, your teachers, staff, principals, families, youth, community and city.

My superpower is *how* I partner with your beautiful community and engage them inductively in exploration, investigation and co-design of dynamic learning and gathering experiences which result in well-being, partnership, self-belief and innovation.

Relational trust is a foundation of my work. I help you design away your pain points and design with conditions that build trust and relationships, and grant freedom to creatively take risks; conditions which ultimately honor and value each person at their core. I invite every persons' innate power & gifts into "the circle" or "connected ecosystem" -- where they are seen, valued and utilized.

As I walk with your staff and community in exploring their world with fresh eyes, my intention is for each person to perceive themselves and each other as active & powerful agents of leadership, design and innovation in a world full of "resources and opportunities."

I shine my inner light on your creativity, passion, artistry, & brilliance so you may begin to 'see' yourselves and each other with gratitude and excitement.

For 23 joyful years, I had the thrill of teaching and laughing with my amazing middle school students, and coaching incredible teachers in Missouri and Kansas. I won some awards along the way and penned a chapter in Education Write Now, volume II.  For the past almost 10 years I've committed much of my free time to capacity-building at district, city, state, regional and nationwide levels, including KCedu ed-city meetups which I cultivated monthly for 3.5 years. 

To every school/community I work with, I bring an extensive network of brilliant humans and organizations that I've come to know and trust over the past 10 years. #opportunityflow #inspiration #support #networksbuildcapacity

My intention is to see on your face 'that smile' realized during the poignant moment when your kids are living in that dream you had in  your collective mind. It really did come true -- and you know YOUR COMMUNITY made it happen. That is the Ultimate Collective Efficacy for positive impact on kids.

Laura Gilchrist

Professional Development Workshops & PD  

Teachers: Blended & Personalized | PBL | Strengths ID-Dev

Principals:"Staff Meeting & PD of GOLD""Shiny Happy Teachers"

for teachers, administrators & staff

Family-School-Community  Engagement, Empowerment, Integration | PD


Ultimate Collective Efficacy 

for teachers, admin, staff, families & community


Family-School-Community Engagement METHOD


The Conditions for Partnership 

3 levels of Inter/Action

culminating in solving problems | COLLECTIVE EFFICACY 

ParentCamp method is designed with all 6 process conditions for partnership baked into it. 

Foundational engagement conditions & method for PD, classrooms, staff meetings

for family-school-community engagement teams

  Maximum Capacity-Building

Family-School-Community Organizational Conditions 


Systemic, Integrated & Sustained

Organizational Conditions

for school and district administrators & FSC teams

Nicole S

Science Chair


"Thank you for seeing me. Thank you for seeing the things that I do that aren't always recorded in an observation. Thank you for seeing my heart and the reasons I teach. Sometimes I can get overwhelmed and discouraged with the stuff that happens outside my four classroom walls, but when we talk I get to focus on my four walls, my kids, and what we are doing. I appreciate your enthusiasm in what I do so much. In a seven period day it's hard to fit in time to converse with other adults, and most of the time when I do it's to discuss inappropriate behavior by my students. Our discussions were about the amazing things that I tend to overlook when other things happen. Thank you for seeing me and thank you for helping me see me."

Lauren G

ELA 8th grade


"You are one of the most positive and energetic individuals I have ever met. You have really inspired me to bring the same positivity and energy to my classroom. I have been so excited to try these new resources out in my classroom. This has been an amazing experience and a lot of that is because of your radiating passion for blended learning, and just learning in general. I wouldn't have had the same experience if someone else was leading this. Thank you so much for caring about us as individuals and educators. Also, thank you for being an advocate for blended learning, this is where education NEEDS to be headed. You rock!"

"Thanks for working with us, I appreciate your enthusiasm and positivity. You made the experience about our needs and our learning. This was one of the best professional developments I have participated in. The tools you have shared with us have transformed my classroom, and will make me a far more effective teacher. Thanks for everything!"

Jeffrey C

AP American History, Scholar Bowl


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