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You are the Heroes of your own School Transformation Story

In fact, you must be the heroes of your story. No one else can be. You, your teachers, principals, staff, families, community members and of course your students.

My superpower is partnering with your staff and guiding them in new experiences and ways of considering and interacting with the world in front of them--classroom to school to district to families/homes to community. I partner to help YOU design away your pain points and design for a culture that produces relationships and opportunities, health and well-being, belonging and worth, and ultimately --innovation, from the inside out! I design the conditions for engagement with your staff to build relationships and honor each person's power. I lead your staff in exploring both design and strategy and their agency with both. Together, your community will become the heroes of your School Transformation Story!


For 25 beautiful years I served kids and families as a classroom teacher and instructional coach in Missouri and Kansas. I won some awards along the way and penned a chapter in Education Write Now, volume II.  For the past almost 10 years I've committed much of my free time to capacity-building at city, state and regional levels, including ed-city meetups, KCedu, which I organized monthly for 3.5 years.


I bring with me, to every school community I work with, an extensive network of brilliant humans and organizations I've come to know and trust over the past 10 years. #opportunityflow #inspiration #support #networkthatwillbuildcapacityofyoureducators

Laura Gilchrist

Look Within.


Engagement & Integration 

is the way

Professional Development Workshops & 

Capacity-building, Relationship-rich

I custom design workshops & experiences 

Blended & Personalized | PBL | F2F | Virtual

for teachers, administrators & staff

Family-School-Community Engagement PD

& Consulting #ONE

[Opportunities Networks Everyone]

Teachers, Staff, Families, Community


Build the Capacity for Partnerships 

The Collective Efficacy Potential💯 


ParentCamps are the process conditions that build capacity

Family, School, and Community!

Family School Community Design Consulting

Engagement Strategy & Design


The highest-yield capacity-building leadership impact

Systemic, Integrated & Sustained Organizational Conditions

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